Nestled in the heart of ShahpurJat, Voiceline Studio mirrors the artistic spirit of the neighborhood. Enter a realm where your sound finds its true expression.

Recording Studio Room:

Enter our dedicated vocal room, a space designed for pristine sound capture. Equipped with cutting-edge acoustics and recording technology, this space ensures that your voice or music is captured with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Control Room

Behind the scenes, our engineers work their technical wizardry in a specialized space tailored for precision and creativity. Armed with expertise and the latest audio engineering tools, they fine-tune every detail to perfection, ensuring your projects meet the highest industry standards.

Meeting/Discussion Room

In addition to our dedicated production spaces, we understand the importance of collaboration and communication. Step into our versatile meeting/discussion room, designed for brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings, or simply a quiet space for discussions. This room serves as a hub for creative dialogue, allowing your team to refine ideas, plan projects, and ensure a seamless workflow.

Voiceline studio is your one stop for all audio recording and post-production needs. The studio has a 2-Mic setup, complete editing and sound mixing apparatus and experienced sound engineers. We offer end-to-end professional studio services from recording to editing and sound mixing to music production. At Voiceline you get a product that matches all your requirements with the right acoustics and top notch sound quality.

One Stop Shop :

The studio is equipped to record voice and instruments. The 2-Mic setup is perfect for recording voices for audio books, advertisements, short films/films, and vocals for songs as well as single instrument tracking.

High quality dubbing services with an experienced team of production managers ensures best results. Be it films, series or advertisements, we do it all.

Sound Editing
Seamless voice and sound editing services that help bring an experience to life. What you get is clear and quality audio that will enhance your film, advertisement or audio books.

Sound Design
Be it films or animations, a unique and befitting sound track can make all the difference. Voiceline sound engineers create suitable auditory elements with latest audio production tools and techniques for your specific project.

Mixing and Mastering Services
Complete sound post-production services with mixing and mastering of songs and audio for films or advertisements all done in-house.

Music Production
Our in-house music producers specialize in creating music for jingles and background scores for films and serials. We help you obtain services of best professionals in this sphere.

Voice Over:
Let your project resonate with our diverse voiceover services. We cover all Indian languages, offering nuanced performances in neutral Hindi and English. Your story, our voice.

Voice Training:
Embark on a journey of vocal mastery with our Voice Training program. Developed in association with Hudson Voice Technique UK and led by MR Steve Hudson, our diploma course brings a touch of UK expertise to India. Unleash your full vocal potential.

Voiceline Studio Gear List

Recording Room:
1. AKG C2 Condenser Microphone
2. Rode NT Microphone Series
3. Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Audio Interface
4. Yamaha MG06 Mixing Console
5. Acoustic Treatment Panels
6. Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones
7. Pop Filter
8. Adjustable Studio Mic Stand

Engineers Room:
1. Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors
2. FabFilter
3. Waves 10
4. Presonus Plugins
5. Studio one 5