Voiceline Studio

Voiceline is a one-stop audio production company, offering services from voice training to voiceovers and complete studio operations. Our skilled voiceover artists specialize in e-learning, dubbing, narration, films, audio books, storytelling, and ads. With state-of-the-art equipment, our sound engineers produce multimedia and traditional broadcast audio. Affiliated with Voice Master International UK, Voiceline provides world-class voice training using the Hudson Voice Technique to enhance communication skills, reduce accents, and refine speech pacing. Tailored courses meet the needs of corporates, educators, lawyers, and voiceover artists.

Meet Our Voiceline Studio Team!

Welcome to Voiceline Studio, where creativity meets expertise! Our team of five is a dynamic blend of talent, passion, and diverse skills, all dedicated to bringing your audio projects to life.

Owners: Rakesh Jagtiani & Uma Sharma

Rakesh Jagtiani

Not only a seasoned voice artist and voice trainer but also one of the visionary owners. Rakesh’s wealth of experience and passion for the art of voice ensures that your projects receive a touch of excellence.

Uma Sharma

A co-owner with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering top-notch quality. Uma plays a crucial role in steering Voiceline Studio towards success.

Music Producer & Sound Engineer


Sagar is the creative force behind our studio. As a talented music producer and sound engineer, he shapes the auditory landscape of your projects, ensuring they resonate with perfection.

Surender – Pantry Maestro

Meet the heart of our studio, Surender, our pantry man! Not only does he keep our spirits high with his warm smile, but he’s also a maestro at brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Because great ideas are often fuelled by great coffee!

Sunil – Field Support

Sunil is our quirky bank runner. His eccentric charm and unique perspective bring a touch of fun to our team. While his primary role is handling the studio’s financial matters, be prepared for a dash of quirkiness as he takes care of business!
From voiceovers to sound engineering, we’ve got the skills, the passion, and the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Join us on this sonic journey, where every voice tells a unique story!

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