About Voice training

Voiceline is a world-class studio cum training enterprise, using unique technique and training that helps you, reduce your accent, helps you slow down, and be more confident to be an exceptionally powerful and persuasive communicator.

We specialize in training of a wide gamut of communication needs, for Individuals, and groups, from all walks of life. In order to address the varied needs of Corporates, Educators, Lawyers, Voiceovers and others, we are proud to be associated with VOICE MASTER INTERNATIONAL U.K®. We are the only company in India that teaches the world’s first and only technique for effective speaking skills.

Taught to 89 countries, in 27 languages and with 20+ years experience, the unique Hudson Voice Technique teaches you to be a more powerful and persuasive communicator, whatever your background, profession or aspirations.

Using the unique HUDSON VOICE UNIQUE TECHNIQUE®, we have raised the speaking and presentation skills of our participants to international standards, backed by a diploma issued by VOICE MASTER INTERNATIONAL U.K®.

Meet Our Experts

Steve Hudson

Creator of the unique Hudson Voice Technique®, is world’s leading communication consultant and award winning voice over.

He is the founder of the Voicemaster International UK ®, which has partnered with Voiceline India.

Voiceline India is a New Delhi based training establishment, that specializes in training of vocal communication, voice over techniques for individuals and groups, from all walks of life, through the unique Hudson Voice Technique®.


Rakesh Jagtiani

is a voice master International trainer and professional voice actor working in this field for the last 10 years

Well known VO with more than decades experience in lending his voice to various projects and training people to speak more effectively and training people who want to be professional voice overs. He himself has been trained in the unique Hudson Voice Unique Technique, the only course in the world that teaches you a unique technique to speak better.

Learn as you Please

One-on-One Coaching

Get exclusive time and personalized attention from an experienced, well known voice over / trainer in one of the best professional studio environment


Group Courses

Recommended for those who enjoy the dynamics of learning in a group. Taught in groups of minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants.Group courses are held 4 hours per day for 4 days.


Home Study Course

This is ideal for those who cannot make the time to attend classes. Recommended specially for those who want to better their speaking skills for social and general purposes


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