5 hours / Day – for 3 days (including Lunch)


The compelling mixed group program is for go-getters who can progress and enjoy the dynamics of learning in a group. Besides the training of Hudson Voice technique®, all participants are offered access to the entire Home Study course, so they can refer and learn even after the course is over. These sessions are held with minimum 4 and maximum of 8 participants.

Benefits of Mixed Group Course

  • Collective learning allows for networking and discussion of doubts among fellow participants
  • Doesn’t just offer you a classroom experience but much more than that — A real-life studio experience
  • Provides you with an opportunity to interact and gain feedback of other participants
  • Inspires you to learn from other performers leading to a faster rate of absorption.
  • Perfect antidote for those who doubt their ability
  • Greater intrinsic motivation to perform and achieve
  • Ability to view situations from others’ perspective
  • Higher self-esteem and lower level of anxiety and stress
Group Coaching
₹ 20,000 (In Person in Studio)
₹ 16000/- (Online)

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