There is really no such thing as a “good voice”. Effective speaking is about Getting the emotion or meaning of the script to come alive in the listener’s Mind.
No formal qualifications required.Infact the Voicemaster course itself is a qualification since it is the only course that actually teaches you a technique, that teaches you how to speak better.
There are no age limits for voiceovers. You are as old as you sound. There Is a script, or role for all kinds of voices.
Yes, you can and many people do. It all depends on how much you want to do, how capable you are – like any creative field.
There is plentiful work in the market. As a self employed person , it is up to you to get it for yourself. Fortunately most work can be looked for and auditioned for on the net. We shall tell you where and how to look for it.
Yes you can do it part time. It is completely up to you, how you want to handle it. How much time can you devote, how much you want to earn out of it.
There are numerous audio studios in most towns. You may even want to set up a small home studio of your own, which is easier to set up than you may imagine.
During the course of an interview, the candidate who makes himself/herself understood clearly, is able to hold the interest of the interviewer, and is able to get his/her point across successfully, is definitely going to score better points. And it will always be the interviewee with the better communicating skills who will be able to do that. So, someone who is trained to speak effectively will always be able to do well in an interview.
Storytelling is completely a vocal activity. Anyone trained to be a successful speaker will create an environment of excitement and interest with his/her storytelling. It will captivate the audience, whether children or adults, with the voice capturing each and every emotion of the story. Humans as a whole learn best from well told tales!
Even today, in a largely digital world, teachers communicate mostly though their voices. The trained voice holds the interest of the children much better, which helps the student to imbibe and remember more of what the teacher has taught. A teacher who makes his/her subject more interesting, more captivating, is looked forward to by the students. And when the student looks forward to a teacher’s class, that is more than half the battle won!!
Man is essentially a social animal. We revel in the presence of our fellow people, and create more and more opportunities to meet in groups, large and small. And in every group there are a few member who hold others in thrall with their voices, adding excitement, happiness, friendliness and a feeling of good cheer, just by the way they speak! So if you can train yourself to be the one whose narration is looked forward to, whose words are listened to with interest and belief – the group is yours to mesmerize!
Presentations of various kinds are a part of life today. In offices, institutions, legal offices and courts, on youtube channels, in training sessions, we need to make presentations to various groups of people. And although powerpoint slides are an assistance, the bulk of the information is passed on though vocal connect. A lifeless, listless, monotonous delivery just loses the interest of the participants. As does a delivery which is too fast, with words running into each other, so the listners’ minds just cannot cope with the flow of information. Consequently, most of the knowledge is not understood, or forgotten almost immediately. The clearly understood, well spoken presentation, is understood and imbibed by the listeners, and is remembered for a long, long time. That is the advantage of the trained, captivating voice!
The interviewee who creates an atmosphere of confidence and calmness, and speaks clearly and distinctly , creates a very positive impression in the minds of the interviewers. The trained voice shows no signs of nervousness or indecision, does not stumble or falter. All qualities to strive for!

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