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Best Free Vocal plugins for Cleaning and Mixing (2022)

In these blogs, We will be talking about Audio and Music Production based information about plugins/Synths/Tips/Techniques etc which I found to be most useful and relevant in my 5 years of working experience

Cleaning and treating the vocals or voice-over is an important part of the process which affects the final product. To achieve that, there are a lot of plugins out there(paid and unpaid) which gets the work done effectively.

 So here are Top 5 Free Plugins for Vocal Cleaning and Mixing and Noise Reduction.

1 BertomDenoiser

BertomDenoiser is a free noise reduction plugin designed for music and post production / dialogue.Its is very useful and saves us from long edits of cleaning audio.

Very useful for Voice-OverArtists and Audio engineers

The version is free to download but you can give any amount to the developers.

Download Link https://www.bertomaudio.com/


 A simple user interface which doesn’t rely on “learning” a static noise profile.Low CPU usage so it can be used on many tracks. Very effective for post if you’re recording at home to clean background noise.

2 Lisp by SleepyTime DSP

Lisp is a level-independent sibilance processor.

In simple terms, it get rids of any sibilance in the audio.

Internally tuned to the human vocal range, Lisp can automatically detect and lower annoying “ss”, “teh”, and “ch” sounds in your audio by tracking both the amplitude and pitch of its input in real-time. Just set the reduction amount and let Lisp do the rest!

If you don’t know what attack and release is, set both of them to 50 percent for Voice-overs.

It does the dessing but It Never “Over- do” the job which makes it perfect. Its very easy to use and make the voice-over or Vocals sound Proffesional.

It has never been and will never be required to pay for Sleepy-Time DSP software. 

Download Link – https://sleepytimedsp.tumblr.com/downloads


TDR Nova is a sophisticated digital-style EQ for surgical sculpting and problem solving.

This type of EQ might appear first in your vocal effects chain if there are any frequency issues that need to be resolved before other mixing tasks.

If you need to clean up excessive low end, reduce resonances or soften clicks and artifacts, TDR Nova is a perfect choice.

Download Link – https://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-nova/

4 Softube Saturation Knob

Sometimes a plugin doesn’t need to be complicated to be helpful in a mix. That’s the case with the single parameter Softube Saturation Knob. Simply crank it up to add smooth saturation and punch. The free plug-in Saturation Knob is a modeled output distortion that can be used anywhere you need some grit. Use it to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop.

Download Link – https://www.softube.com/saturationknob

5 Techivation T-De-Esser

Techivation is T-De-Esser is a straightforward free de-esser plugin that gets the job done.
Simply select a frequency range, set sharpness and intensity and dial in the amount of effect you need to smooth out your vocals.

Hot tip: Most DAWs come bundled with a perfectly good de-esser for cleaning up vocals. Try your native plugin bundle before rushing to download a free de-esser.

Download Link – https://techivation.com/t-de-esser/

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