2 hours /day for 4 days


The exclusive, individual training program provides training in the Hudson Voice Technique.® over 4 days (2 hours session each). These sessions are mostly conducted on alternate days to give you enough time to practice. Moreover, each student is given access to online Home Study Course to refer and refresh what they have learned.

Benefits of One-on-One Coaching

    • Personal attention from renowned voice over trainers makes the students focused and move forward with maximum efficiency
    • Increased engagement with peak performance trainers leads to a deeper level of learning
    • Unique one-on-one feedback supports the students lacking in specific skills to improve their problem areas
    • Professional studio environment is useful in improving speech for specific purposes like public speaking and voice-overs
    • A quiet environment and privacy allow the students to talk about their sensitive issues freely
1-on-1 Coaching
₹ 25,000 (In Person in Studio)
₹ 20000/- (Online)

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