If you are looking for voice talent to bring life to your projects/products, find them here!!!!!

If you would like Voiceline to cast for your project, please call or email your request to 9350188055 or write to, so we can provide you with a quote and the delivery time for your sound files.You can just click on the talent below and find the voice that best suits your script.

 Male Voices  
 Female Voices
Abhishek Mahajan

• English - documentary (Yoga)
• English - E-learning
• Hindi - Narration
• Hindi - Religious Discourse

Bhasker Mehta

• Hindi

Dnyanesh Gawande

• Marathi
• Hindi
• E-learning
• E-learning 2

Pranav Chadha

• Narration
• Training
• Documentry
• E-Learning


  Japneet Kaur

• Punjabi
• Hindi ad.
• English jingle-1
• English jingle-2

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