Vocal communication/Voice over is a voice based business. Learn from an experienced trainer in the  field of voice over and vocal communication. All our courses are done in a  training studio in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We teach our courses, using the Hudson Voice Technique in the following categories –

Introductory Workshop : This is an insight into the world of not just voiceovers , but of better, and more effective speaking skills. We tell you the importance of excellence in verbal communication, how it can favourably affect your life. You will be told the commonest mistakes people make in speaking. We show you how it requires changes in thought and attitude, to have satisfactory changes in speech. This is an audio-visual presentation.

Each participant will be asked to do a recording, and we will then critique it and tell you your strengths/shortcomings.
For those interested in doing voiceovers, we explain the career path, what to expect in the real world of voice recording as a career - Where the work comes from, how much money can one earn, where to record, whether you need a home studio, what are the genres of work that you may be asked to record.

This is a full day course, generally held on a Sunday, from 11 am to 3 pm, including lunch. Maximum participants in a session – 15.

Since this is not a teaching course, no certificates will be issued.
Cost : Rs.2000/- per participant. (For New Delhi. For Jaipur and Chandigarh, please enquire).

Home Study Course : This is ideal for those who cannot make the time to attend classes. Recommended specially for those who want to better their speaking skills for social and general purposes. You can stay in the comfort of your own surroundings, and get the whole course taught as an online presentation. All those who sign up for the Home Study course will be given a password, that allows them to access the online audio-video sessions presented by Mr. Steve Hudson, the creator of the Hudson Voice Technique. You may study and record at your own pace, in your own time. At the end of your learning, you will send your specified recordings to Mr. Hudson in London, and he will judge it, and issue the diploma.

Cost : Rs.10,000/-

1-on-1 coaching : This is personal, individual training, held at our training studio. Each student is personally trained in the Hudson Voice Technique over 4 days (2 hrs. each). The sessions are preferably NOT on consecutive days, but with at least 1 day in between each class, to give you time to practice and imbibe what was done in the previous class. Over and above the training, each student will be given access to the online Home Study Course, so they can refer to it as a refresher, as and when required. Particularly useful for those who want to improve their speech for specific purposes, like public speaking and professional voice-overs.

Cost : Rs.30,000/- per person (In New Delhi only)

Group Courses : Recommended for those who enjoy the dynamics of learning in a group. Taught in groups of minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants. Group sessions are held over 2 consecutive weekends (in New Delhi) or 3 consecutive days in Jaipur and Chandigarh. Besides the training of the Hudson Voice Technique, all participants will be given individual access to the Home Study Course, so they can refer to it even after the course is finished. Very helpful for all, regardless of purpose of learning.

Cost : Rs.25,000/- per person (for Delhi) Prices for the other cities, Please enquire.

All those completing the training, will receive online access to the home study course!

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