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Do I have a good voice?

There is really no such thing as a “good voice”. Effective speaking is about Getting the emotion or meaning of the script to come alive in the listener’s Mind.

Am I too old to start voice overs?

There are no age limits for voiceovers. You are as old as you sound. There Is a script, or role for all kinds of voices.

Is there any basic minimum qualification required?
No formal qualifications required.Infact the Voicemaster course itself is a qualification since it is the only course that actually teaches you a technique, that teaches you how to speak better.

Can I earn enough from VO to make it my career?
Yes, you can and many people do. It all depends on how much you want to do, how capable you are – like any creative field.

Where do I get work from?
There is plentiful work in the market. As a self employed person , it is up to you to get it for yourself. Fortunately most work can be looked for and auditioned for on the net. We shall tell you where and how to look for it

Can I do it part time?
Yes you can do it part time. It is completely up to you, how  you want to handle it. How much time can you devote, how much you want to earn out of it.

Where do I record? And do I need special equipment?
There are numerous audio studios in most towns. You may even want to set up a small home studio of your own, which is easier to set up than you may imagine.

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